Application of brake products on threaded parts.

Applying a brake product to a thread is crucial to ensure the tightening and securement of mechanical assemblies.

What is a brake product?

Brake products are adhesive substances that are applied to the threads of bolts and nuts.
When tightened, these brake products create a chemical or mechanical bond between the threaded surfaces, which helps to keep the mechanical parts in place and prevent them from loosening.
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Why apply this product?

Applying brake products on threaded parts, such as bolts or nuts, is a technique used to prevent these components from unintentionally loosening.
Parts that are prone to loosening, such as wheel bolts or engine fasteners, can pose serious safety issues if they come loose during use. Applying brake products on the threads is thus an important preventive measure to ensure that these parts remain securely fastened.
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What can cause loosening?


When parts are subjected to repeated vibrations, they can loosen over time, even if they were properly tightened initially. This can be particularly common in applications where parts experience constant movement, such as in engines, industrial machinery, vehicles, etc.

Cyclic loads.

Cyclic loads, such as temperature fluctuations or loading and unloading cycles, can also lead to the loosening of threaded parts. When parts are subjected to these cyclic loads, the material can deform or expand, which can affect the thread tension and result in the loosening of the parts.


Corrosion can weaken threads and reduce the tension between parts, leading to loosening. Corrosive environments, such as coastal areas or industrial facilities, can accelerate this process.

It's important to choose the appropriate type of braking or bonding based on the characteristics of the parts being assembled, as well as the stresses the assembly will undergo

Braking products applied on threaded parts by ACES.

The Loctite® Dri 2020™ is a water-based brake and sealing product for fasteners and fittings with low strength. The product is applied by us using automatic or semi-automatic equipment.
Produit de freinage pour enduction sur vis et boulon
The LOCTITE® DRI 2040™ is a red, homogeneous acrylic brake product. It’s a single-component, medium-viscosity product designed for applying brake solutions on threaded parts.
The LOCTITE® DRI 2045™ is a pre-applied brake product with medium to high strength. It has good compatibility with substrates and is specifically designed to meet the requirements of automotive specifications.
Produit de freinage appliqué pour montage automobile loctite dri 2045
The Loctite® Dri 204™ is a pre-applied threadlocker product for threaded fasteners, dry to the touch. The resin fills all voids in the threads and polymerizes to securely brake and seal the assembly.
Loctite® Dri 204™
The Loctite® Dri 218™ is a low to medium strength threadlocker adhesive. It is used in applications requiring low loosening torque. It is commonly used on small threaded parts.
loctite dri 218

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