Loctite® Dri 204

Pre-applied adhesive for fastening

Discover Loctite® Dri 204™, the innovative pre-applied locking solution for threaded fasteners. This dry-to-the-touch product ensures effective locking and reliable sealing for various industrial applications.

Now that we've introduced Loctite® Dri 204™, let's delve into its key features that make it an outstanding pre-applied locking solution for threaded fasteners in various industrial applications.

Key features.

Loctite® Dri 204™ offers an advanced locking solution for threaded fasteners. Its dry coating transforms into a polymerizing resin, filling the gaps in the threads for effective locking and secure sealing.
This product is vibration-resistant, ensuring the integrity of threaded assemblies, making it ideal for carburetor screws, transmission nuts, heavy-duty bridge bolts, and more. With an operating temperature range of -54°C to +150°C, Loctite® Dri 204™ ensures reliable performance.

Application process.

The application of Loctite® Dri 204™ is simple. Just apply it to the threads of the fasteners. Prior to assembly, the product remains inert, but once the threads are engaged, it releases a resin that polymerizes rapidly.
This resin carefully fills the gaps in the threads, ensuring effective locking and reliable sealing of the assembly. The polymerization process occurs anaerobically, ensuring high resistance to vibrations and long-lasting performance.

Versatility and uses.

The versatility of Loctite® Dri 204™ makes it an indispensable choice. It is suitable for locking carburetor screws, transmission nuts, screw heads, as well as sealing transmission bolts, threaded plugs, and fittings.
This product excels in a wide range of industrial applications, from demanding heavy-duty environments to extreme conditions, with an operating temperature range from -54°C to +150°C. Its ability to ensure locking and sealing is invaluable.

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