Loctite® Dri 2045

Pre-applied adhesive for fastening

Loctite® Dri 2045™ is a pre-applied threadlocker designed to meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry. This product provides high strength and excellent compatibility with various metal substrates.

After introducing the Loctite® Dri 2045™ product, we now delve into its key features, which make this pre-applied threadlocker an indispensable choice for the automotive industry.

Key features.

The Loctite® Dri 2045™ is a premium pre-applied threadlocker specially designed for the automotive industry. This product offers exceptional strength, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 220°C, and is resistant to automotive fluids. Its compatibility with a variety of metal substrates, whether passivated or not, makes it an essential choice for demanding assemblies.
The pre-applied film remains dry to the touch and becomes active during assembly, ensuring a reliable seal for threaded fasteners. Perfectly suited for high-volume production, Loctite® Dri 2045™ prevents fastener loosening and enables immediate use. Its environmentally friendly water-based formulation complies with the strictest industrial and automotive standards.

Application process.

The application of Loctite® Dri 2045™ is simple and effective. Firstly, ensure that the thread surface is clean and dry. Then, position the pieces to be assembled and tighten the fasteners as usual.
During assembly, the microcapsules in the pre-applied film are crushed, releasing the active component that initiates the polymerization process. As a result, the product ensures a reliable threaded seal, reducing the risk of fastener loosening. This makes it an ideal choice for high-volume production where a liquid product is not desired.

Versatility and uses.

The versatility of Loctite® Dri 2045™ makes it a valuable asset for various industrial applications. Whether in the automotive, aerospace, or electronics industries, this pre-applied threadlocker ensures a strong bond.
It is particularly well-suited for high-volume production where immediate use is required. Its resistance to heat, automotive fluids, and its environmental friendliness due to its water-based formulation make it a reliable and versatile choice for durable assemblies.

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