Application of lubrication products on threaded parts.

Applying lubrication products on threaded parts helps reduce friction between the threads of mechanical assemblies, making screwing and unscrewing easier.

What is a lubrication product?

It is a substance applied to the threads of mechanical parts before installation to facilitate assembly and tightening.
Qu'est-ce qu'un produit de lubrification

Why apply this product?

In addition to facilitating the assembly and disassembly of parts, using a lubricant can also help prevent corrosion and reduce thread friction.
It also helps to decrease thread wear and simultaneously reduces the noise and vibrations associated with moving threaded parts.
Pourquoi appliquer une substance de collage sur vis ou écrous

What can cause premature wear?

Excessive friction.

When the surfaces of threads come into contact without proper lubrication, due to vibrations, assembly, or disassembly, it can lead to premature wear caused by friction.

Corrosive environments.

If threaded parts are exposed to corrosive environments, such as acidic or salty conditions, it can lead to premature corrosion and accelerate wear.

Excessive or insufficient tightening.

Excessive tightening can stretch the threads, while insufficient tightening can cause movement between the fastened parts, leading to premature wear of the threads.

It's important to note that lubricants for screws and nuts should be chosen based on specific usage conditions, including the materials of the parts, applied loads, and the environments in which the assemblies will be used

Lubrication products applied on threaded parts by ACES.

Gleitmo 605® is a solid white lubricating film with excellent adhesion on various surfaces. It is suitable for most small parts and automatic clamping systems, allowing time-saving during assembly.
application de produit de lubrification sur pièces filetées pour chaîne de montage automobile

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