Loctite® Dri 2020

Pre-applied adhesive for sealing and fastening

Introducing Loctite® Dri 2020™, the innovation that revolutionizes the sealing of fastener and fitting assemblies. Pre-applied, assembly-reactive, and versatile, it provides strong sealing for various applications.
Loctite® Dri-Loc 2020™

Let's now delve into a detailed exploration of the key features of Loctite® Dri 2020™. Understand how this innovative product transforms the sealing and reliability of assemblies.

Key features.

Loctite® Dri 2020™ is a pre-applied, dry-to-the-touch coating that activates upon assembly thanks to activator microcapsules. It effectively fills threads to create a tight and strong assembly. Ideal for brass fasteners and resistant to many common fluids.
This product is versatile, suitable for various applications, from industry to home repair. Its mess-free application, coupled with activation during assembly, makes it a user-friendly solution for all skill levels. For optimal reliability in your assemblies, choose Loctite® Dri 2020™.

Application process.

Polymerization in the context of Loctite® Dri 2020™ is a crucial chemical process to ensure the strength of the assembly. During assembly, activator microcapsules are released, initiating the reaction. These microcapsules contain components that trigger the polymerization of the pre-applied coating.
Polymerization involves a chemical reaction that transforms the liquid coating into a solid mass. It fills the threads of the fitting or fastener, creating a tight and durable bond. This process ensures that the assembly remains reliable and stable, even in demanding conditions, providing long-lasting protection against leaks and loosening.

Versatility and uses.

Loctite® Dri 2020™ offers exceptional versatility. It is suitable for a variety of materials, including brass, and is compatible with many common fluids such as motor oils and water/glycol solutions.
This product is ideal for sealing and fastening in various fields, from automotive to industrial applications, to plumbing. Whether it’s for professional or household use, Loctite® Dri 2020™ ensures reliable and long-lasting performance.

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