Gleitmo 605®

Pre-applied lubricating film for threaded components

Discover GLEITMO 605®, an innovative lubrication solution. This colorless lubricating film offers exceptional adhesion on all surfaces, meets automotive standards, and facilitates assembly without grease, minimizing environmental impact.

After introducing Gleitmo 605®, let's now take a closer look at its key features that make it a valuable lubricant for the automotive industry and other applications.

Key features.

Gleitmo 605® is a colorless lubricant for screws and nuts that meets automotive VDA specifications. It creates an adherent dry film, reduces friction, and is ideal for small parts and automatic clamping systems. It is clean, non-greasy, and operates over a wide temperature range.
With its water-based composition and high molecular density polymer, Gleitmo 605® is perfect for treated screws, nuts, wood screws, panel screws, and more.

Application process.

The application of Gleitmo 605® is simple and effective. It is best applied through immersion, ensuring even coverage of screws, nuts, and other parts. Once applied, simply allow it to dry to obtain an adherent dry film.
It provides significant time savings in the assembly of small parts and seamlessly integrates with automatic clamping systems. Furthermore, its cleanliness and grease-free nature do not disrupt the performance of screw clamping systems.

Versatility and uses.

Gleitmo 605® is versatile and adaptable to various applications. This product complies with automotive industry specifications (VDA) and is particularly well-suited for small parts.
Gleitmo 605® is an excellent fit for automatic clamping systems. Its versatile usage and strong adhesion to various surfaces make it a preferred choice for many manufacturers of automotive vehicles and fastening components.

A need for coating?

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