Loctite® Dri 218

An Innovative Solution for Secure and Sealed Assemblies

Discover Loctite® Dri 218™, a pre-applied medium-strength threadlocker adhesive that ensures the safety of threaded assemblies in demanding high-volume production environments.

After discovering Loctite® Dri 218™, let's now delve into its key features in detail that make it a must-have choice for the safety of threaded assemblies in industrial production.

Key features.

Loctite® Dri 218™ stands out for its ability to prevent loosening of threaded assemblies. Its pre-applied film remains inert until assembly, where microcapsules release the active agent, initiating a secure polymerization.
This product is particularly suited for high-volume production environments where the application of liquid products can be cumbersome. Loctite® Dri 218™ ensures immediate and reliable use of threaded parts, thereby contributing to the efficiency of industrial production.

Application process.

The application of Loctite® Dri 218™ is a straightforward process. You just need to prepare the thread surface and then apply the dry-to-the-touch pre-applied coating.
When the parts are assembled, the microcapsules integrated into the coating are crushed, releasing the active agent that initiates the polymerization process, ensuring a reliable fixation of threaded assemblies.

Versatility and uses.

Loctite® Dri 218™ excels in various applications. Whether it’s for mechanical, electrical, or industrial assemblies, its medium-strength threadlocker adhesive provides a versatile solution to ensure the stability of threaded assemblies.
This product finds its place in many industries, including automotive, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing. It is essential for preventing loosening, ensuring sealing, and reducing friction during assembly.

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