Application of sealant products on threads.

Thread sealant products prevent leaks, avoid pressure losses, and extend the lifespan of equipment.

What is a sealant product?

A sealant product is a substance used to prevent the leakage of liquids or gases through fittings or assembled parts.
Applied to contacting surfaces to create a watertight barrier resistant to high pressures and temperatures, sealant products are used in a variety of industrial and domestic applications to ensure the integrity of systems and equipment, preventing fluid losses and material damage.
étanchéité pièce mécanique automobile

Why apply this product?

This helps prevent leaks of fluids or gases, which can lead to pressure loss, decreased system efficiency, and material damage.
Threads can have imperfections or gaps between the threads that allow liquids or gases to escape. By applying a sealant product on the threads, it’s possible to fill these gaps and prevent leaks.
Dépose de produit d'étanchéité sur filetage

What can cause leaks?

Poorly machined or damaged threading.

Imperfections or irregularities in the threads can hinder proper sealing.

Insufficient or excessive tightening.

If the tension of the assembled parts is not sufficient, the threads won’t be tight enough and leaks can occur. Conversely, excessive tension can damage the threads and lead to leaks.


Threads can corrode over time, which can lead to gaps between the threads and leaks. Vibrations can also loosen assembled parts and cause leaks.

It's important to choose a suitable sealant product based on the characteristics of the parts being assembled, as well as the stresses the assembly will undergo

Sealant products applied on threads by ACES.

The LOCTITE® DRI 503™ is a sealing product that provides immediate sealing for tapered and cylindrical threads. It offers excellent resistance to vibrations due to its residual torque properties.
Loctite Dri 503
The Loctite® Dri 5061™ is a single-component, water-based sealing product. It is non-curing, non-toxic, resistant to high temperatures and solvents. It is specifically designed for sealing threaded connections.
Loctite Dri 5061
The LOCTITE® DRI 516™ is a high-viscosity water-based threaded sealing product that is non-toxic. It ensures thread sealing for straight or tapered threaded connections, preventing loosening caused by vibrations.
Loctite Dri 516

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